Posted: 11th February 2016

Michael Stevens wonders whether it’s time for Pride to include space for more politics, to give a platform for real political discussion and engagement.

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 Review: Et Lux
Posted: 11th February 2016
Powerful, dark and deeply troubling eroticism drives a sumptuous and magnificently performed production showcasing a wide range of awesome performance skills.

 Pronouns and video games
Posted: 10th February 2016
From their first introduction to the Legacy Project in 2014, encouraged by friend Joni to audition for an acting position, Iana Grace is back again, this time as writer of The Pronoun Game.

 People like these: Cindy and Ramon
Posted: 9th February 2016
Ramon Te Wake and Cindy of Samoa take us into their troubled childhoods and journeys into adulthood which they draw on for their characters in People Like Us.

 GLBTI lives: Craig Watson
Posted: 7th February 2016
Get to know Proud to Play organiser Craig Watson.

Review: No More Dancing In The Good Room
One night at the old Staircase
What to expect: Proud to Play
LarzRanda Bares All

Out and Bad: London's LGBT Dancehall Scene
Posted: 18th December 2015
Jamaican lesbian reggae singer-songwriter Diana King is on the lineup of the Raggamuffin Festival in February. Here's a great doco on how the Jamaican lgbti music scene became an integral part of London's lgbti culture.

Outspoken: Bella Simpson
HIV disclosure and the law in the USA

A wedding in the rain
Posted: 11th September 2015
"Turns out Chels and Sami had been planning to elope, but at the last minute decided they’d like to include a small circle of family and friends. It felt like a rather large conspiracy."

The gentrification of being gay
Gala dinner raises thousands for NZ Falcons

The other side of the coin: Youth involvement in Pride
Posted: 27th January 2016
Duncan Matthews, General Manager of RainbowYOUTH, responds to criticism that youth aren't stepping up for Pride.

Auckland Grammar: The homophobia allegations
A look back on the year that was

Opinion: Chemwreck
Posted: 16th January 2016
In December 2015's Attitude, there was a sobering section on chemsex and HIV/AIDS in the United Kingdom. What can we learn from it?

Dealing with stress and loneliness this silly season
Hookup apps and Asia's HIV epidemic
Playing safe this summer

Colombia and Marriage Equality
Inertial Conservatism (Recalibrated)
The US Christian Right's New Tactics

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