Posted: 6th May 2015

Elizabeth Kerekere says "Great relationships are woven from strands of laughter, thoughtfulness and shared experience to create a taonga of trust, respect and intimacy – not work but a labour of love".

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 On the cusp of history: Kevin Hague
Posted: 4th May 2015
If his tilt for the Green Party co-leadership is successful, Kevin Hague will become the first ever openly-gay leader of a major NZ political party.

 Lee and Sandra just want to get married
Posted: 4th May 2015
A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help Tasmanian couple Lee Bransden and Sandra Yates get married in New Zealand - Lee has just weeks to live.

 Ushering in change for people with HIV - Pt 2
Posted: 3rd May 2015
Awareness, education, leadership and community fundraising are amongst the tools new Body Positive boss Mark Fisher will draw on... and a deeply personal experience of HIV.

 Transgender acceptance
Posted: 3rd May 2015
"The unthinkable is happening; being transgender is slowly becoming more recognised by society. Through the mediums of television, YouTube and the internet ..."

 Jack Trolove's exhibition: The body remembers
Posted: 2nd May 2015
Need something to do in Auckland this weekend? Check out the incredible Jack Trolove's exhibition at Whitespace.

Review: The Girl and The Gay
Review: DeAnne Smith’s Get Into It
The full Bruce Jenner interview
Ushering in change for people with HIV - Pt 1

The full Bruce Jenner interview
Posted: 28th April 2015
ABC has released its entire interview with Bruce Jenner, who discusses being transgender, with Diane Sawyer.

Watch: Irish Marriage Equality ad
Viral subway post: (read to the end!)

the dating section has gone 17 Apr 15, 12:00:am
Sperm donor looking for a mother 07 Apr 15, 07:35:pm
Lesbian couple looking for co-parenting or donor 07 Apr 15, 09:26:am
Hormone treatment in prisons for transexuals 04 Apr 15, 07:34:pm
Anyone tested at Body Positive Inc? 30 Mar 15, 02:09:pm
Back to here after a few months, and there is even no new post. 24 Mar 15, 12:09:am
Condoms optional: Promoting the PrEP philosophy 17 Mar 15, 09:51:pm
Any Gay support groups in Auckland? 11 Mar 15, 11:07:am

Review: Stutterpop (Sam Brooks)
Posted: 12th February 2015
Stutterpop is a strange, yet compelling combination of stuttering and pop. Think “The King’s Speech” crossed with Nicki Minaj. It may sound bizarre, but that’s the point.

Review: A Life of Unlearning
Religious freedom, but at what price?

Givealittle, for Suzi Fray
Posted: 25th April 2015
Suzi Fray from The Johnnys, has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She needs the community’s help to fly to Germany for alternative treatment.

Rainbow Tick marks milestones
Hazing Mr Gay New Zealand

HIV antibody trial has a breakthrough
Trans and intersex healthcare: urgent attention needed

Stark Dichotomy: The SNP and Northern Ireland LGBT manifestos
Posted: 4th May 2015
Given that it may hold the balance of power and go into coalition with Labour despite Ed Miliband's statements to the contrary, what does the Scottish Nationalist Party say about LGBT issues within its manifesto? And what about Northern Ireland's political parties?

UKIP: News from the Far Right
British Elections 2015: An LGBT Perspective
A Rainbow of Manifestos!

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